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20/20 Positive Reflections: Bizy Bz

This past week Gary Vaynerhuck announced that he decided to hand off a long term project of his, Empathy Wines. Gary is the type of guy that will share his experiences raw and in real time. Right now he’s particularly proud and looking back in positive reflection at his growth over that span of time. 

Why not spend a few moments looking back and seeing what we’ve built? 

I believe this is healthy and necessary in business and life. I thought I would share some positive reflections that I have seen in my business life over the past year.

Positive Reflection #1: Finding Support

Having strong support is a must and finding it at times can be difficult to say the least. I grew up in a strong support system and then chose to leave it to pursue my goals. Initially, I felt great loss in watching this lovely network of family and friends I had disappear instantly. As I have grown over these last couple years a lot of that growth is thanks to a number of individuals (mainly Brandon, my partner in life) and one main community, First in Line with GaryVee on Facebook.

I joined the group in May of 2019 mostly because I’m a Gary Vee fan (obviously). What I’ve gotten out of the group is knowledge, support, inspiration and great relationships. I’ve met some wonderful people who struggle the same as us.  

Being able to post questions and ideas, struggles and successes creates a strong bond that helps us continue adding to our houses brick by brick. At a time when nations are fighting amongst themselves as they deal with viruses, protests and killer hornets it is refreshing to find a zone that is free from that heaviness. 

Positive Reflection #2: Dreams Turn Into Goals and Goals…Become Reality.

When we first started talking about our “dream” it was incredibly complex and daunting to consider. We didn’t have a name, we just had ideas and concepts. We knew that it would require the next 10-20 years to fully realize our dreams. 

Our first official business, Bizy Bz Buzzar

BBBuzzar is an online consignment business. The goal with this is to lay the foundation as it were. 

Where did this idea come from? Gary suggests this as an alternative income source. When we saw the content about it, it reminded me of my experience with sales. I grew up at garage sales and I spent a number of years selling cars and car parts online. In fact, we use a lot of the same platforms. After completing our initial test sales run we decided to invest in more inventory to turn this into the real deal.

I’m proud to say that as of today, 7.7.2020 we are testing sales on 4 main platforms, we have 4 consignment clients and most importantly, we have a process that we’ve built that keeps a solid flow with inventory. 

Upcoming projects include a website from our friend Anupam, expanding the platforms we utilize and starting an ongoing training program to help others learn how to break free from their jobs. We have our first participant so we are eagerly awaiting putting that one into action! 

A second business that has been formed is, Bizy Bz Bounty

BBBounty is a food, life and business blog. This one has been in the makings for a long time. A full bio article will be released soon so I’ll spare you the details. I love to write, I consume delicious food, life is really important to me and once in a while I write a piece about business because it is a hidden passion of mine.

What I’m proudest of with BBBounty is the fact that I’m establishing consistency. 

For a time what I really wanted to write about wasn’t possible and that’s where the food blog stepped in. It is much easier for me to develop a recipe and share it than it is to discuss certain topics. Those topics though are important and I’m happy to say that mental health has also become a discussion point for the blog recently. 

The Bounty blog became a therapeutic outlet for me at a time when I needed it most. I’m thrilled to say that if I hadn’t started it back in November, I wouldn’t be where I am today mentally. I’m stronger. I’m healthier. And most importantly, I’m happier!

Projects in the works for Bounty are a website, developing video content and a variety of series to lay the foundation for my content base.

Our latest adventure is our YouTube channel, Bizy Bz Gone Wild!

This project is going to encompass content for BBBuzzar, BBBounty and beyond! The goal here is to document our progress as Brandon and I continue to live our process and share our lives. The first videos will be for our upcoming websites. 

I’ll leave you with one last Positive Reflection: Reality is Gorgeous!

Reflecting on our brain baby, Bizy Bz, has been great. It has helped me reflect on where we are in our building process. From an imaginary perspective I envision mountains and on one of the mountains is an estate. It hasn’t been cared for so there are no buildings, no driveway, no power, etc. 

We’ve acquired the land and instead of building right away we started a map. We started plotting what we wanted and where. There’s even plans for a little perch where we can nest up and watch the sunset. 

Where are you? Imagine where you’ll be in 5, 10, 15 years. Imagine the house you’ve built, the garden you’re growing and the beautiful perch you’ve made for yourself up on your mountain seeing all the hard work pay off. I bet it’s gorgeous!

I urge you all to do the same thing Gary is doing and look back at the broad picture. Where you’ve been that led you to this moment and where you’re going to continue in this journey you’re on. 

Whether you’re still picking out the land or you have a well established estate complete with a vineyard and dreams of a football team, YOU have done it. YOU have built it and YOU aren’t alone in it. 

***This article is dedicated in part to my friend, Michael Tsistinas. This article was adapted from a post I wrote for the First in Line Community and Mike’s encouragement to write it sealed the deal. Thank you!***

Cover photo by: Kartina Wright

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