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About Bizy Bz Bounty

Bizy Bz Bounty has been a long time coming like the luscious honeycomb that comes from a slowly built bee hive. The concept for it was simple, food blog. That was the original plan. 

I, Brittany Maas, wanted to start one for a very long time. For one reason or another it never happened and it wasn’t until recently that circumstances culminated to launch it. I wanted to start this back in 2018 but I was searching for what to create. At that point I was considering naming it 2 Bs in a Pod and it was going to be about the life and adventures of yours truly and my handsome man, Brandon. 

That was around the time I started to contemplate the idea of making writing a thing in my life and I wanted the blog to be more than just food or just life or just business. 

I tried to explain it but it was too complicated because there are so many moving pieces. That’s when I decided to focus on starting to write a little bit but I spent a lot of time planning content streams. 

Amidst all of this I was learning more about my mental health and late in 2019 I decided that I wanted to add that to the mix. After all it does kinda fall under the category of life. 

There were periods of time that I wasn’t able to write what I wanted to. I started to reconsider my idea of doing this in the first place. But, I joined a challenge that Gary Vaynerchuk started to promote his content pdf. It spurred me on to get my ass in gear about sharing content and it also helped me find other things to write about besides the tough bits. 

So this blog, what does it offer? A lot of recipes, a smattering of therapy and mental health articles and some light business related articles. 

This will be/is a vlog as well if you count the #mentalhealthawareness series I have started on the social media platforms I’m using. As of this writing, July 3, 2020 there are not any recipe or business videos but they are coming via the primary YouTube channel, Bizy Bz Gone Wild where B (Brandon) and I will be sharing our shenanigans. 

So how did 2 Bs in a Pod become Bizy Bz? We researched it and there are a lot of sites and social media pages with that name. We decided it would be smart to rethink it. Over time we liked the idea of Bz and worker bees accomplishing something big. Thats when Busy Bs Gone Wild started. At first that was going to be the main name for everything we did. 

We liked it but, it didn’t sit well so we kept playing around, dropped the ‘Gone Wild’ part and thus, Bizy Bz was born. From there it became a matter of naming branches of it. Bizy Bz Buzzar (our online consignment biz), Bizy Bz Bounty (this blog), Bizy Bz Buildz (our building work), etc. 

In time we may change it but for now we love it. It is fun and vibrant. Its us!

Thanks for reading!