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Day 1-Friday

September 18, 2020

It has been a moment or two since I wrote anything from my therapy and mental health awareness series. As always with me and life, I’m finding there is a reason for everything. I hear authors say on a regular basis that they try to keep a habit up of writing 200 words per day. I decided in 2020 to follow the Gary Vaynerchuk way of doing it. Write content and stop counting the characters, blips and just do it. 

So here is the rip the bandaid off moment…

Today I was discharged from the hospital. The reason I am sharing this publicly and in this way is because it is 2020. We joke about how this year is going and that we wish it was over but I am looking at it as, this year isn’t over yet and so far the worst tragedy wasn’t even a helicopter crash. It was everything else compiled on top of that.

Day one out of the hospital is usually tomorrow but I decided that time is of the essence. 

Today is usually a lay back and chill day and in a lot of ways it was. Especially according to American and first world standards. 

Fortunately for me my hospital visit was to a behavioral unit that utilizes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) not only in helping patients cope with the current situation but one that trains the staff to do the same and care for themselves and others.

I will spare you the gory details of 2020 in the midwest compared to the scares going on in places like Beirut. 

Right now I have my legs stretched out over a pillow. Why? I walked too much and worked out hard enough in the hospital that I wasn’t sustaining my energy burn and I still lost weight.

Today was not too much different. I sat more but I also benefited from the best yoga session I’ve ever enjoyed and it was followed up with a deep spiritual conversation with really cool people. 

The treasured moment from any hospital stay is kind of like that joke about every boat owners happiest day joke. And I will repeat it of emphasis…the day they buy it and the day they sell it. *wink* *LOL* ←–me chuckling to myself.

I am also not triggered by watching shows like Blacklist which in my humble opinion is a solid level of progress since last week. 

I could pussy foot around this and make it seem like every day inside of a behavioral unit is sunny however it also isn’t drowning in sorrow either. It is lucid and raw. That isn’t a bad thing if you ask me which is why I’ve decided that all future articles from Bizy Bz Bounty will be going live to LinkedIn first. After that they will be re-released onto our website,

I think the most important reality that we all must face is that at least here in the United States of America, we do have the freedom to say what needs to be said and we also have the right to pull back and allow our Bill of Rights and Justice system to do as it much. 

I do not believe in the power of the squeaky wheel until I accept that I also have the power to lube my own wheel with oil and make the motor of life and all that is great in sync with whatever powers and authorities exist to make us all equal. 

I’m a natural born red head. I’ve never dyed my hair or shaved my head. *shrug* I decided that I loved my hair long ago (in my early whipper snap years of teenager).I just also had to learn to embrace what that meant for me and I thank a man I haven’t met in person for taking me from the 99.9999999% into the 1% and dribbled it back in time and patience. 

Thank you #kammunity for driving the points home day after day and growing stronger with every hum, sniff, glance and desire. We are all young bucks and fawns in comparison to the Great Dear and the great powers that be that simply accept their life’s place on the totem pole and then define it with lines for the others above and below.

Have a great weekend!

With love to all,

Brittany Maas <—-there will be #ModernPenPalLetters coming soon

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