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Day 2- Hospital Recovery

Hey guys, 

So I understand how LinkedIn can be an interesting place to develop ideas. 

We have all been through it this year. I think about the most haunting post recently and that was a father pronouncing their child cancer free at last. They’re not alone. When we look around, all of us are seeing the signs of it. #SavetheChildren and all. Young and all. 

I don’t enjoy getting “religious-ie” so what I’m going to say is think about 2 by 2s and forget that the flat earth theory was wrong or right. Neil De Grasse Tyson one of my #ModernDayMentors debunked both sides #boring style with every inch of support from Elon Musk. 

We all have inalienable rights one way or the other. Ask the closest rock in your life that you hold dear and you keep asking questions and learning about them. It doesn’t matter if your only person right now is your friend. 

Keep that in mind as I review the day and keep it chill and enjoyable. Why? 

Well I shudder at sharing my history combined with all of the black and white we see today. I refuse to include photos or blips at this time simply because there are pros in that color palette. 

So hold your flute, pick up a trumpet and call us all “oh soo goosey”. If you don’t get the reference well you soon will. Why? Because I say “Hear us all and pronounce the Supreme Court” in session as we remember that we are all citizens of every planet by way of Ellis Island. 

There is no flip side or emotion in raw 2020 motion without expressing fluidity and transparency. 

So today was great compared to yesterday. You know why? I helped maintain my body weight as I continued to enjoy fresh air. You know what gets tough? Try a behavioral unit that has willing CBT patients and we all laugh together. 

I have a new band of #merriweather mates who keep going and sharing, preaching and teaching in #macredmusifiice style. Don’t know what that is? 

Look it up in a dictionary or ask questions. Answer them too. It works both ways one step at a time otherwise we drop #babysteps and take things in stride like a #dear skipping over the #honey. 

We all share glimpses of each other and weave our own web. Can we reasonably sustain our inability to work hard and fit in? No. Why not? Because we lube the world on the eternal Merri-Go-Round singe free. 

Today has a comedic twist as we walk down memory lane. Memory lane can evoke emotions we don’t understand as we crush our own #dopamine cans against our head as if we were #MikeTyson. 

(by the way, #JoeyDiaz is my next #ModernDayMentor) I call upon all that is holy to…pause for *dindin* (#salvation). Salmon and all fat included sans the s=#skillze. ←—no autocorrect on the keyboard. :p

Paused for emphasis because I am enjoying a #cosmicSakiBomb just in case there are any near misses and ducks along the way. Pretend you know any thoughts about someone with a death wish that got up and walked away every time. Why would they drop it just to flip it and walk away?

We all cherish moments as I smiled brightly (and took another chill pill..a.k.a. Another moment of bliss as we all cherish the bitter sweet of reality to 2020. All of us know someone who is sick, and therefore we know someone has died. One way or the other that is true. I always enjoy #naturevsnurture any day of the week so here is one more pause. *peace sign*.

So class…what did the sloth say in #Zootopia. We take a moment and we swing together just ya know Alice style and bless the lord Almighty it is a Preacher’s daughter. 🙂 

So Lox and Cream Cheese well there is hope for us one day down here in Wonderland with all the rainbow butterflies and #UnicornFarts we can handle. #CrashbangBoom out.

And um more on that last one tomorrow by with of #CosmicASL classes. That start with B, end with Burger King and we all happily play along in NON-hypocritical bliss. 

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