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Day 3 -Sunday is Blissday

Did you ever hear the tune that “pleased the Lord”? We can all, or at least most of us hum that tune. For me it took learning it through Shrek to understand Hallelujah. In fact, I had to go on a scavenger hunt since my dad introduced me to the “original versions”. 

Fortunately by then we were past dial up and it was sweeter with YouTube. 

I could go on but I think that would constitute work by the dictionary definition of Sabbath day in any language. There should be a day of rest at least once a week but for many of us 2020 has not been that. In fact for pretty much every person and living thing on this planet is searching for clean air and freedom with shelter. 

I saw it in vivid, raw detail in the hospital. I do not wish to induce WWIII here so instead let’s go MASH style and simply count the rations. It isn’t every man for himself. It is every woman, child and thing in exchange for anything resembling energy.

On one side we say “BASH the oil industry to death” and on the other side we see the plastic industry and crush that. Do we count the costs of deaths by glass? Ask the Jews what Germany was like on one of those nights. 

To sit here in my very posh living situation I have no problem admitting that as I type this and choke down a peanut butter filled pretzel that I recognize, “I am just like everyone else”. I am sick knowing that there are people starving everywhere. 

Here is the shocking truth of my current situation. I couldn’t be fed enough to make up for my energy usage in the Hospital. Not enough fat or protein and there were practically blood baths over food and even rooms and bedding arrangements.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Thereapy) is only one form of therapy that I’ve learned and become more recently educated on. I’m not going to dumpster dive but suffice to say that if you search #MORON on Google you’ll start to learn more about liberty, justice for all except for the mentally challenged. 

What am I threatened with that scares me so much? Temporary disability with a permanent Caregiver or at least a temporary one. Why do I saw no? I have feet. I can walk. Can I bend so great… not always but Sunday is for sitting and kicking back to the 6 pack, the wine and lots of sports now that Football is in session. 

Sure we can say that we’re going to boycott in a moment of frustration and live it but is that love?

I suppose not. I was warned one day that sports would replace “GOD” and I’m here to say I’m glad it has. You know what mystified me today? Me getting back into sports after deep diving with #GaryVee and seeing his quest for the best. 

Blame my #ModernDayMentor Aunt and say ya know what, “Gary”.. “I am proud of you and we haven’t shook hands yet.” (That’s in my mind of course….not here. No pics needed or offered.)

Today was an interesting day and it always gets better with time. I wish you all well as we hunt down the next day however tomorrow is business and work. No guarantees on a daily article anymore however #LINKEDIN is the home for anything I write as far as these style blogs, letters and so on go. 

May your team have been blessed with a creaming victory like my dear #BILLS do! “GO BILLS!!”

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