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Day 6 -Wednesday

Hey guys,

I hope your week is going well. While it is Wednesday already it doesn’t feel like it. Friday will make a week out and my guess is that soon this clip of the article series will end around October and transition to more about mental health awareness in general. 

I will be weaving stories in and out and I have to say that overall there are a lot of positive spins in life. I could sit here and write that everything is honkey doorey but I cannot. I need to put my fingers and thoughts to use. 

I could also sit here and say, “wah, wah, wah and woe is me” but then where would we be? I think we would be Godless and thoughtless. So often we debate about God versus no God yet is that the case? Well let me tell you about my new friend #theBeeWhisperer by way of the name Vernon Franklin. 

He is one of the rock-like people I met in my last visit and for the most part everyone I met was really cool. In the end in the mental hospital I end up finding a couple of people to connect with and that I stay connected with. 

Vernon is older and kind of like a Pops or a grandpa to me. He walks with a cane and all. LOL. He enjoys having bees come up to him and land on him all the time and he lives in the Rockford, Illinois area. 

Why am I mesmerized? Well who do you know can let bees just fly up to them and lands on their finger (with the help of honey). We see so often that animals can be trained yet we leave bugs out of the pictures. 

What if bugs, like bees, do respond to us like we respond to them? All of us are special and I think the same extends to us and our #BeeWhisperer friends. 

So who are your #BeeWhisperer friends? 

The ones that hover around you and keep you grounded as you heal your way back to health. They’re the ones that end up standing by you as you hover from flower to flower and experience life. The way I see it is that whether you are spiritual, religious or none-of-the-above then you’re special and cool. Flat Earther or not you are a bee hovering around finding the beez that strengthen you in life. Keep going day by day.

Take care my friends,

Brittany Maas

Co-Founder Bizy Bz Bounty

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