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Teriyaki Pork Luau Bowls & a Review of Hello Fresh

We have been using Hello Fresh for a couple of months now so I thought it was about time for me to review a recipe publicly and share in the process of making their meals at home. We have had a wide variety of their dinners although we have not bought any of the gourmet meals since in our opinion most of these meals are already gourmet with the rich flavors and spices.

I decided to go ahead and use their Teriyaki Pork Luau Bowls recipe to share for the first time because it was my honest to goodness favorite so far in taste and ingredients. I think the only major caveat to this recipe was the need for more rice! There was way more filling than rice which made for leftovers but, we had to fork over our own rice to do so. Not that rice is expensive, it’s the principle of the matter. We paid for a full experience so I’ll honestly say that it was disappointing to have to make my own rice afterward both for cost and more importantly, time. 

Now please don’t think this article will blast Hello Fresh out of the water quite the opposite is true. I find a lot of their recipes and flavor combos to be refreshing and out of the realm of options I had considered in the past. It has been good for building my cooking vocabulary such as creama’s and I now know how to make them in my sleep. LOL

Before getting into some of the nitty gritty with this recipe, I want to say that we found this dish to be addictingly delicious. We had to force ourselves to stop eating more than we needed simply because it tasted so yummy! One small drawback was the lack of spicy heat so I added some chipotle powder and smoked paprika to the salsa along with some asian chili sauce that I have. This along with the kiwi in the salsa made for a nice tangy smoky heated kick. 

As far as having ground pork for the recipe we were cautiously optimistic about it. We don’t do a lot of ground meat in general these days but the ground pork came out great. We could also see using some chunked pork tenderloin or another cut chopped up instead of ground. This is a very adaptable recipe and the only flavoring that would need a big replacement would be the teriyaki sauce. I think when I go ahead and make this with my own ingredients I will check into making my own teriyaki sauce for a little more of an authentic taste.

Brandon and I love pretty much anything Asian related because we just love the punch of flavor that you can get with simple ingredients like ginger, garlic and sesame oil. Throw in some cilantro and some chili sauce with some sweetness and you are on the verge of Thai or even Hindi/Indian cooking. Although I took a look at the list my friend’s Anupam and Deepali shared with us for Indian spices and it is quite long. It includes things like ginger and garlic along with Fenugreek and Turmeric. I cannot wait to get my first curry made at home going. 

I’m making a new rating system for recipes that I try so bear with me but, for ease of making on a scale of 1 to 10 I would put this at an 8. There aren’t too many complicated steps and there isn’t any baking involved or tough veggies to work with. 

Most Hello Fresh recipes have 6 steps but, within those steps you will be preparing or doing a couple of things. For example, usually the first step is prep where you chop up the produce and get ready for the flavor and core of the recipe. In step in this recipe your only task is setting up the rice to cook. Step 3 though has you making a salsa and crema. From there it really is pretty simple. Step 4 is cooking the veggies and step 5 is cooking the pork and then adding the veggies and teriyaki sauce at the end. Step 6 is where you plate everything to look nice and pretty.

The timing on this is 35 minutes with 15 minutes labeled for prep time. I tend to believe that from beginning to end you can do this. I didn’t time myself since I was taking pictures and stuff for the article. Here is a PDF that is supplied directly from Hello Fresh Pork Luau Bowls. If you haven’t tried Hello Fresh and wouldn’t mind a discount to check them out we have a $40 off promo code: $40 off First Hello Fresh Box. We don’t use them full time anymore, but we do use them to fill in the gaps and help us since we are busy. We still want to eat healthy and have some fun and it is cheaper than eating out. 

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